Jumat, 07 Mei 2010

My Upcoming Short

a metro-sexual night clubbing beautiful girl with her entourage. And a simple boy who play acoustic guitar.

they met at a joint, a house of a friend of those two. it was very late night, they had their days but not exhausted. the two groups of friends are in the same room but not in the same world. house filled with the noise of both. And the main character glance to the glamorous opposite, until they notice each other.

the light went out, and candles replaced the electric light, a wonderful silence came and the candles warmly lit the room, the boy keep glancing to the girl, and watched her beauty radiate. its seems that there is no chance for him to know her until he played the guitar.

when he plucked and picked the nylon snare it only harmonized to the silence not overwhelm it. at last, she wanted a better clearer tone of acoustic guitar so she get near to him and started to talk about music and she is surprisingly have a better taste than he expected and they started to sang a song or two.

and she glow warmly, he feel like a seafarer on a monsoon sea and she a lighthouse of cape hope.

and the lights are back, the cold bright bluish neon death-rayed the romance and soon reality bites back.

This is the picture of my friends, identity unknown. I remember that day, when i bring along my self my camera.
They weren't fighting, neither they are playing, i guess they were posing for my camera. But what is this? i find it on one of my pictures folders, my computer is a total mess yes it is, i have around ninety folders on my desktop. Whats the point? do you ever heard of quantum physics? when definition is not your answer, when where you stand doesn't matter, when you cant count how many is one. I think to understand it, you must accept what i have been writing and you reading till this point makes perfect sense.

Silence music

when i heard sigur ros, i always wondered about how much the rhythm change.

its so monotonic it isn't.

i wonder if the geography of Iceland made them that way, i would like to lay on those tundras.

i bet its full of silence.

i bet the loudest roar of Eyjafjallajökull wont be as loud.

as the silence of iceland, i would love to hear.

Kamis, 11 Maret 2010


6:05 im thinking, the hum of this pc fan and untitled#6 by sigur ros the planet exploding ending equals lack of sleep
uh oh, The Earth was under siege by showers of meteors, but it was more than that, the meteors carrying a creature, a parasitic extremophile, a small bug like larva that when infects a human it will merge with the spine and mutated the spine into a giant Centipede like creature and change a person into a wandering headless zombie, they hide inside and have complete control of the body.

Since the head is missing they use their long antennae trough the new orifice to see and detect human scent. they can crawl out or retract for protection.